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Bathroom Window Curtain-The Finishing Touch to Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Window Curtains are a great way to brighten up and add to your bathroom theme. By combining a new shower curtain and having the combination set of your matching window curtains you will find it an affordable and easy way that will help you to completely finish off and enhance your bathroom decor appearance. Bathroom window curtains, shower curtain sets, antique white bathroom with tiled walls and tall bathroom window curtains by baths stool.

Bathroom Window Curtains Provide You with Privacy and Design

In some homes you'll find that there is a window in the shower area providing you beautiful bright area to take a shower giving you the feeling of more space and an outdoor showering experience. When you're window is in your shower area you have to think about protection of the window sill from moisture and mildew.Vinyl Bathroom Window Curtain, Light Blue,Keeps your shower area private.

With the use of a high quality waterproof shower window curtain you will benefit from the combination of both extra privacy along with the protection of water damage and mold.

Bathroom Window Treatments Should Be Water and Mold Resistant

When you are choosing your bathroom curtain keep in mind that you are looking at an environment that is usually moist and humid and you need to choose a window treatment material that will be able to withstand the moisture levels of your bathroom.

Whether you are deciding on window curtains to help you dress up your old bathroom decor or looking at window blinds that can provide you some extra privacy, you still have to consider moisture and sun exposure on the treatment.

A Well-Chosen Design Idea Will Add Elegance to Your Bathroom Decor

You also want to keep in mind your own personal style and what your current bathroom decor would look like with a variety of different new window treatment styles. Although you want to take into consideration your bathroom privacy you still have many options for covering bathroom windows that are just as widespread as any other room in your home. By having a well-chosen designed idea you will be able to add a little bit of elegance to your bathroom and enhance the level of your decor.

 Whether your choices is to allow more light into your bathroom from the outside by using a sheer curtain and still receive the privacy that you want or you may like the appearance of a thicker, luxury bathroom curtain with a double swag and tiebacks allowing to keep your bathroom darker, providing you with a antique or country style theme. Bath curtains, bathroom accessories, clawfoot tub with red drapes on curved curtain rod.

Bathroom Window Treatment Options

Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas

Sheer Fabrics for Bathroom Window Curtain

Sheer fabrics are well made choice for your bathroom windows, as they are well suited for humid areas and can withstand mold are mildew buildup. Sheer fabrics that you may consider if you're window faces a private yard would be organza or voile sheer. You can create a lighter airy appearance in your bathroom by choosing light pastel colors, baby blue and light mint green will help you to encompass an earth/ocean bathroom.

If you have a contemporary style bathroom that has used granite countertops that are darker with darker gray floors you will find that combining them with white sheer panels or black, gray will blend well with the combination. Something to avoid in a bathroom window curtain is allowing them to hang more than 3 inches below the bottom of your window pane, this is excess material that could cause unnecessary moisture that could build up.

Choosing Swags and Valances for Bathroom Window Curtains

The majority of bathroom windows are on the smaller scale, so you will want to get the most of your bathroom window design. Swags and valances can make a little go a longer way, by just using some simple neutral colored cotton curtains (a good choice in beige or yellow) with the combination of some pull-down blinds this will have a big impression for a small window. If you're looking for a bold statement choose fabric that is in a dark burgundy or emerald.

Half Curtains for a Combination Window Curtain Treatment

You'll be able to combine several styles of window treatments such as a combination of a set of curtains and highlighting it with shades, blinds or even some interior window shutters. If you are using a shade that is your simple and basic pull-down for privacy you can add a little style and pizzazz to an otherwise dull and simple window feature by using a small curtain that only covers half of the window on the bottom.

Another option with your half curtain is to install a set of interior wooden shutters that can be opened and closed for privacy, install the curtain in the middle (halfway down) to give the shutter and the curtain some character. If you are using a natural wood(non-painted window shutter) you could choose a curtain color of burgundy or Navy to add little bit of a modern appeal to what most people would think would look like a typical country style designFabric Bathroom Window Curtain with window blinds, Brown with center tiebacks.

Simple Changes Go a Long Way with Your Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are so inexpensive that you can regularly replace them in order to keep a refreshing new look in your bathroom. If you take your showers seriously you can even consider getting some themed shower curtains for Christmas, Halloween, or any other special event you enjoy.

It’s amazing how much better these simple changes can make you feel for the rest of your working days. And then there’s always that priceless moment whenever a friend need to use your bathroom and faces your latest bathroom window shower curtain acquisition.

Country Shower Curtains-A Western Country Style Theme for the Bathroom
If you want to renew your bathroom decor, have you considered using a country Style shower shower curtains are a perfect match for your country style home. Be sure to get some high quality liners to go with your fabric curtains.

Double Swag Shower Curtains-A Touch of Elegance for Your Bathroom
The Double Swag Shower Curtain is a very special kind of curtain. If you feel regular curtains don't do your bathroom enough justice and want something with a lot more class, enter the double swag shower curtain department.Unlike cheaper alternatives, these shower curtains usually come with a protective vinyl liner.

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