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Curved Shower Curtain Rod-Creating a Luxury Design with More Space

The Curved Shower Curtain Rod is one of the latest (and greatest) innovations to enhance your bathroom. Who hasn’t complained about the claustrophobic feeling while showering in a regular bathroom? I’m not talking about those mega-sized bathrooms that we happen to see in magazines, I’m talking about a regular bathroom that most people have. Any method to make a better use of the available space is always appreciated. Curved shower curtain rod,Arc Shower Curtain Rod, stainless steel curtain rod with white shower curtain with marble stone backsplash.

Gaining Extra Space in Your Shower Is a Benefit

The curved shower curtain rod accomplishes that in a surprisingly simple way: its curved form allows it to gain precious inches in your showering space, while making it look a lot more stylish than a regular straight shower curtain rod.

 You don’t even have to worry about getting a new shower curtain – curved shower curtain rods are compatible with all hooked or hookless shower curtains. It’s also easily adjustable to fit any shower width, so what are you waiting for?Heavy weight curved shower curtain rod comes in brushed nickel.

What Materials Are Available for Your Curved Shower Curtain

With this style of shower curtain rod you'll be able to choose an assortment of different materials and colors depending on your bathroom decor theme that you're trying to great or what works well with your new shower curtain.

Plastic (PVC) and metal are your main choices for your rod but you will find that the metal curtain rod will be a lot stronger and durable than its counterpart. One thing that should be taken into consideration is the coating for protection on the metal, check to see that it has chrome or double chrome coating.

For a different style feature and a more antique or classic look you will find shower curtain rods that are curved made of bronze, brushed nickel or even a variety of beautiful oil rubbed bronze and brass shower curtain rods. Oil rubbed bronze are more durable against the humidity conditions compared to the other materials, but is more expensive.

Quick Guide to Installing Your Curved Shower Curtain

With the Curved Shower Curtain Rod You Will Never Go Straight Again

Soon you’ll be complaining about not having replaced your shower rod sooner. The extra inches of showering space will make a big difference. Start looking for your curved shower curtain rod right now. You’ll find several online retailers offering this type of product; just take your time till you’re certain you have found the best possible deal. You won’t regret it.

Hookless Shower Curtain-Create a Luxury Impression in Your Bathroom
Looking for something different for your bathroom? Have you considered a Hookless Shower Curtain. These high quality shower curtains are used in luxurious hotels all around the world.The best hookless shower curtain for your bathroom is one that will appeal to you most and will blend in with your bathroom decor.

Shower Curtain Rods-Bathroom Curtain Accessories
Shower Curtain Rods are only one bathroom accessory that will help you make your bathroom stand out. Make sure you have decided on the impression that you want and then choose.You can have fun adding shower curtain hooks to finish the rod or ring off.

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