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Extra Long Shower Curtains|Find the Right Shower Curtain Size

If think you will need an Extra Long Shower Curtain for your bathroom, don’t be afraid. Although common sizes are widely available in most outlets and retailers, you can still get your hands on longer shower curtains if you look in the right places. And where are those “right” places? - You may ask. Well, it’s the same starting place for most searches today: the internet. Extra Long Shower Curtains, fabric shower curtains, clawfoot bathtub with extra long shower curtain with blue seahorses and bath trolley.

Having the Right Size of Shower Curtain Is Very Important

It won’t take long before you’re browsing through shower curtains of varying widths and heights of: 72in, 80in, 84in, 96in 108in and even 120in. If that’s not long enough for your bathroom, I don’t know what else will!

It basically means you can get a curtain for your bathroom no matter what dimensions you may require. Usually, these extra-long shower curtains are visually more appealing – but that also depends on the rest of your bathroom décor.

An Extra Long Shower Liner Is for Protection or a Stand Alone Shower Curtain

The benefit of adding a shower curtain liner to your shower drape will not only help you keep your shower curtain protected and dryer it will also help your long shower curtain to hang well. With today's designs shower curtain liner is also considered a standalone curtain. This will add an inexpensive stylus touch to your bathroom decor. Typically they are an extra-long poly shower curtain liner in a variety different colors usually white/beige.

This type of curtain is a great accessory for the length as they come in 96 inch heights, this is a great benefit for any unconventional taller shower formats. For durability the polyester construction is fade resistant and has a benefit of being machine washable. To add extra strength to the structure it has a top hammock and button holes with reinforcements to help with any tearing of the fabric(great as shower liner).

Shower curtain sizes/conversion from cm to in

Extra Long Shower Curtains Are Treated to Be Resistant to Mildew and Water

Waterproof Long Shower Curtain, black and white horizontal stripe shower curtain and stainless steel curtain rod.All shower curtains are typically treated from the manufacturer to be resistant to mildew and water in your shower stall. Some of their special treatments may be; (Teflon, floral carbon, antibacterial) but you still will have to have your own maintenance of regular cleaning and washing to keep your shower curtain looking new and fresh.

Almost all shower curtains except (vinyl/plastic) will come with some sort of weighted bottom hems. If curtains are made with the heavier fabric style of a curtain you will not have to have waited hem, you will find this on the manufacturer's product details.

Care for your shower curtain (proper cleaning do's and don'ts)

Larger Bathrooms Have Become Normal in Modern New Houses

Having extra-long shower curtains in your bathroom is not as uncommon as you might think. Modern houses tend to have larger bathrooms where those curtains will fit right in and provide a great balance.

Long gone are the days of those cramped shower spaces and tiny shower curtains that allowed most of the water to get through anyway. You better start thinking big

Hookless Shower Curtain-Create a Luxury Impression in Your Bathroom
Looking for something different for your bathroom? Have you considered a Hookless Shower Curtain. These high quality shower curtains are used in luxurious hotels all around the world.The best hookless shower curtain for your bathroom is one that will appeal to you most and will blend in with your bathroom decor.

Shower Curtain Liners-Effective Protection for Your Bathroom Curtain
Its undeniable the usefulness of a Shower Curtain Liner. Why wouldnt you use such a low cost item to protect your quality fabric shower curtains and keep your shower area clean? Remember as this is can be a stand-alone shower curtain or a second curtain for protection against water damage to your fabric curtain.

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