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Fish Shower Curtains | The Best Way to Go Fishing in Your Bathroom

Though sleeping with the fishes is not usually recommended, a Fish Shower Curtain is a whole different story. Nautical and sea themes have been used in shower curtains for a very long time, and who can argue about it? It indeed suits the function it is made for. Fish shower curtain, tropical fish shower curtain, blue shower curtain with dolphins swimming by coral reef and gray bathmat in front of white bathtub.

Create an Underwater Theme with a Fish Shower Curtain

You’ll be particularly surprised with the effect a fish shower curtain will have on your bathroom, especially if you already have a sea based bathroom décor. Some people also like to regularly cycle their decoration styles, cycling through both country and animal themes from time to time

Considering the shower curtain cost, you can indeed have several shower curtain sets to keep your bathroom from getting boring (hence the existence of party theme shower curtains, for Christmas, Halloween, and others).

Bring the Great Outdoors to Your Bathroom with a Shower Curtain

Underwater Curtains for Kids

For kids you don't have to just settle for a shower curtain you can actually transform your whole bathroom into your own underwater adventure decor. You can encompass the walls with different murals of the wonderful sea life creatures that you find underneath the water. This is a way to make bath time fun and educational for kids at the same time, about learning the different creatures that are in our oceans.

People Who Love Fishing

For the adult who loves to fish you can have your own reel and rod shower curtain. The variety of curtains will come in multiple of colors from earthy browns, forest greens and sky blues in combination with a mixture of different fishing signs and tackle gear. This can give your bathroom that rustic theme making you feel like your outdoors enjoying your favorite sport. Typically are shower curtains will all come in standard measurements of 72in x 72in. Vinyl shower curtain, kids shower curtain, blue shower curtain with small tropical fish with coral plants on bottom of shower curtain.

Finishing touches with bathroom accessories

Nothing says designer finishing touch but some fishing shower curtain hooks. This is a must for adding one of the last designer touches to your overall fishing themed bathroom decor. You will be able to fashionably complement the other bathroom accessories that you have added to your bathroom decor. Wouldn't it be great to have small little oval plaques that have little sayings on them like forest Lake, fishing, logging swinging on your curtain rod?

Fish from the Sea (tropical shower curtains)

If you love the bright colors of a reef then you may consider the tropical fish shower curtain. By encompassing this whole theme in your bathroom you'll feel like you're at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. You will be able to keep the brilliance and beauty of the coral with bright colorful fish from the Sea all to yourself in your bathroom.

The Earlier Bird Gets the Worm (I Mean Fish)

One of my favorite shower curtains is the clear vinyl one with fishes “floating” around. It really makes you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical ocean, surrounded by fish swimming next to you. It really helps a bit in getting you out of the bed in the morning, knowing that shower is a bit more inviting.

For added effect,replace your regular shower curtain for a fish shower curtain without telling anyone – that way you’ll be able to see the surprised and happy look of the rest of your family.

Frog Shower Curtains-Create a Themed Frog Bathroom Decor
No matter how hard you look, the Frog Shower Curtain is definitely one of the funniest ones available for your bathroom.I’m not sure it can be explained, there’s something about this little fellow that makes people want to use them for the most varied home artifacts and decoration objects.

Cat Shower Curtains-When Water and Cats Do Match
It would seem odd to mix cats with water, but it turns out to work rather well. These cat shower curtains blend perfectly into most contemporary house decors-its just like real cats blending into any home.Fun animal shower curtains are a great way to bring a splash of interesting images and colors into your bathroom decor.

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