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Shower Curtain Rods-Accessories/Accents for a Unique Curtain Design

Shower Curtain Rods are only one bathroom accessory that will help you make your bathroom stand out. Make sure you have decided on the impression that you want and then choose through a huge selection of shower manufacturers for the finest bathroom accessories. By adding shower curtain hooks or a shower curtain rings that matches your shower, you'll create the right ambience for the bathroom.Shower Curtain Rods,straight shower rod, white shower curtain with clear plastic hooks on white curtain rod.

Shower Curtain Rods Come in a Variety of Different Shapes to Choose from

Starting with the shower curtain rod you'll need to know what style you need because they vary in shapes and styles starting with the basic straight shower rod, then the choices vary from L-shaped corner shower rods to neon angle rods to even an aluminum track shower rod. If you have a claw foot bathtub or would like something different, the shower curtain ring is something you should look at.56-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod.

 They are mounted to the ceiling and hang down over the top. They vary in design from oval shower curtain rings to rectangle rings, circular curtain rings and even D style shower curtain ring. Shower curtain rods come in many choices of colors; they even have striped shower curtain rods.

Curtain Rods Are More than Just Hanging Your Shower Curtains

 You can have fun adding shower curtain hooks to finish the rod or ring off. The basic is the standard ring set, but it is easy to find resin forms of several designs like animals, flowers to Disney characters to antique looking shower hooks.

How to choose the right shower curtain rod for your bathroom

 The bathroom should be a place that you can unwind from a long day, so the appearance and feel of the decor should be one that is eye appealing and suits your needs. Even if you have the perfect shower curtain for the bathroom, you will still need to hang it for everyone to see.

There are a variety of different shower curtain rods to choose from

Your first basic choice is the tension shower rod, which is the best way to suspend shower curtains without having to drill holes. They are spring-loaded and can be mounted between any two walls.

 If you want to create an illusion of more space you could install a curved shower curtain rod. The curved rod is great at the corners to help prevent water from spraying into the bathroom area and these shower curtain rods and shower curtain rings are available in several different finishes like gold plated, satin chrome, stainless steel or even antique finish. shower curtain rings,fabric shower curtains, blue curtain in white modern bathroom with stainless steel curtain rod.

This will allow you to match all your other bathroom fixtures as described earlier in the shower curtain hooks and will finish off the shower curtain, though some people find them hard to use because they can fall off easily.

One solution is the hookless shower curtain. It is easy to install since all you have to do is slip the rod into the loops of the curtain one at a time and you never have to worry about them falling off. Another hook less curtain you can use is one that uses ties. This one you have to tie each loop to the shower rod. Try different methods and see which one works for you.

Installing your curve, corner shower curtain rods

An Easy Step by Step:

There Are Many Different Bathroom Accessories You Can Add to Your Curtain Rod

 Corner Shower Rod, Track Style,Rod clear anodized aluminum finish.By taking advantage of all the bathroom shower accessories from the shower curtain rods to the shower curtain rings to even deciding on whether to use shower curtain hooks or a hookless curtain, you will be on your way to planning your bathroom.

We want to help you find all the information and educate you so that you can make the right shower curtain investment. We have resources and reviews we think can help. Please take the time to read through some of our resources. Below we have gathered online merchants for your online research and online shopping.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod-Creating a Luxury Design with More Space
The Curved Shower Curtain Rod is one of the latest(and greatest) innovations to enhance your bathroom. The curved rod style provides you with a unique design feature while giving you more room inside your shower.With this style of shower curtain rod you'll be able to choose an assortment of different materials and colors depending on your bathroom decor theme.

Hookless Shower Curtain-Create a Luxury Impression in Your Bathroom
Looking for something different for your bathroom? Have you considered a Hookless Shower Curtain. These high quality shower curtains are used in luxurious hotels all around the world.The best hookless shower curtain for your bathroom is one that will appeal to you most and will blend in with your bathroom decor.

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