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Western Shower Curtains | Add a Theme Shower Curtain to Celebrate the Old West

The Western Shower Curtain can do wonders for any country house bathroom. If you think traditional country shower curtains don’t pack the punch you need for your home, these cowboy themed western shower curtains surely will. So jump into the bandwagon, we’re heading into the Wild West. Western shower curtains, country shower curtains, old wild West shower curtain with horses and cowboys and Indians with bamboo floor and white pedestal sink.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a country house and want to keep it traditional you have a lot of country shower curtain themes to choose from. But if you want to add a little twist to the country theme, and focus on the true western tradition then you’ll have to aim in a different direction.

Invite a Cattle Drive to Your Bathroom with Your Shower Curtain

Cowboys and western ranches are a great theme for your western shower curtains. Once you see it installed in your own bathroom, you’ll immediately fall in love with it.Western rodeo cutting shower curtain, Brown shower curtain striped with light gold insert with picture of horse and cow.

If you live on a ranch are in your own farmhouse then you know how wonderful having a Western theme in your bathroom being the natural choice for the decor. If you live in a suburban or urban area and love horses and ranch style life you can also enjoy the old West style in your bathroom. Cowboy themed shower curtains and linens are great way to show your appreciation and love for the outdoors and the old West.

Adding a Western-Style Theme to Your Bathroom is Fun and Easy

Adding a Western-style to your bathroom is very easy and simple whether you have a small bathroom or a larger en suite style. Your shower curtain tends to be the largest surface area in your bathroom and is a great way for starting your theme, because of such a large surface you’re naturally drawn to with your eyes which overall makes a visual impact that is very impressive.

A few common features of the Western decorating theme

Take a Western Adventure When You Are Taking Your Bath or Shower

Your showers will be a whole new experience with these western shower curtains, letting your imagination run wild across the western plains. With a set of matching hooks looking like western boots, your shower curtain will be the center of your bathroom décor.

 That serves to show you just how important a curtain can be. All your friends will want to copy your bathroom style and get a similar curtain for their own bathrooms. That is the best proof that you made the right decision choosing that shower curtain.

Horse Shower Curtain-A Rustic Western Theme for Your Bathroom
Animal themes are very popular, but the horse shower curtain certainly takes the lead. Ideal for a country home, it can also be used in a contemporary bathroom.The bathroom is the one place where you can apply your own personality and love for animals into your bathroom decor.

Country Shower Curtains-A Western Country Style Theme for the Bathroom
If you want to renew your bathroom decor, have you considered using a country Style shower curtain.country shower curtains are a perfect match for your country style home. Be sure to get some high quality liners to go with your fabric curtains.

Red Shower Curtain-Create Your Own Custom Modern Theme with Red
If soft colors mean nothing to you, getting a Red Shower Curtain for your bathroom is sure to be a good idea Though not suitable for some bathroom decors, the red shower curtain can bring a whole new atmosphere to an old bathroom.If you like the look of a crisp red, bright shower curtain you can blend it well against the pallet of both the black and white theme making the curtain stand out.

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